August 14, 2017

One thing that we absolutely love is exploring new places. And while we loooove planning holidays and discussing and searching Instagram for amazing new countries to go to, we tend to forget about actually exploring the beautiful country that we live in. One place that we have always wanted to visit ~ but it was always a bit far from Manchester ~ is Brighton. There's just something about seaside villages and towns that we cannot get enough of. The sight and sound of the sea, is just so amazingly calming and makes us very happy!

Now that we live just a quick hours train ride away from Brighton, we decided it was time to visit. We made it a quick 24 hour staycation and headed down on a Monday afternoon. 
The absolute first thing on our agenda, was see the sea. It was so peaceful sitting on the stones, eating a delicious ice-cream and the west pier - even burnt and collapsing - made for a pretty nice picture. 

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Before getting ready for the evening, we stopped at a pretty cool bar called Bohemia. They had an amazing selection of cocktails on the menu, including a very bubbly Pornstar Martini, and a delicious Rock and Rhubarb made up of gin, rhubarb liqueur and this divine strawberry blossom foam (both pictured above). We would definitely recommend this place for a cocktail, and want to come back here at night because we imagine there's a great night to be had in here!

That evening we had a delicious meal at Jamies, with a free glass prosecco thanks to our gold card! We didn't actually take any pictures after leaving Bohemia so you will just have to believe us that it was full of food, fun and many more cocktails!

 So, if you haven't been to one already, you need to head down to a Breakfast Club ASAP. We've seen a few around London, but sitting outside this one in Brighton for breakfast just seemed perfect. The portion sizes are pretty big, but perfect to get you started for a long day of exploring. We went for the pancakes with bacon and a veggie all American, and they were amazing. So so delicious and fills you right to the top!

You can't visit Brighton and not have a wander through the Lanes. They are all so cute, adorned with pretty flowers and cute bunting. We loved how so many of the streets were full of independent shops, they are often so much better than your average high street stores!

I loved this top from the second I saw it in Debenhams! I love the ruffles on the shoulders and the slightly nautical feel from the red and blue stripes, and how cute is the slogan? If you can't see because of my hair it says 'life is love'. I have a serious shortage of casual tees in my wardrobe, so this is exactly what I needed, and I want more! 

Top - Debenhams
Bag - Accessorize (no longer avail)
Lipstick- Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid Lipstick in Orange Shot

I packed two options for Tuesday; a white summery dress or black jeans with a black tee. The weather said it was going to rain at midday, so being sensible I chose to wear jeans, and guess what... it was sunny all day until we were heading for the train! 
I love this t-shirt so much, it's super comfortable and I love the floral 'beautiful' slogan on the front, it's so pretty and adds a feminine feel to an otherwise plain black tee. And of course, I love this ruffle open back!

Tee, Jeans, Belt - River Island 
Bag - Coach (currently sold out)
Denim Jacket - Zara (no longer avail)
Earrings - DIY here

 There was no way we could visit Brighton and not have a walk down the famous Brighton Pier. After playing a few arcade games, and losing quite a few 10ps to the machines, we went on the 'big ride'. We have no idea what to call it but basically it's that very tall stick like ride you can see in the picture above. We've been on this kind of ride, so many times before but never on the end of a pier on the edge of the sea! We just love that feeling of falling!

 The Redroaster Café was one of the prettiest places we went to. It was VERY Instagram worthy and like it was pulled straight from Pinterest. It is our dream decor, full of luxurious white marbles, gorgeous golds and so so many plants. And we are obsessed with indoor plants atm, even though apparently we can't keep any alive.
The menu here read absoluletly amazing, and we will certainly be eating here next time. 
And while we love the metallic sign pictured above, we definitely do not agree!
We would definitely recommend this café if you're looking for an everyday go-to for a coffee, breakfast, brunch or lunch in a beautiful setting.

We spent most of the afternoon wandering though the lanes and then through the Royal Pavilion Gardens. The gardens are super pretty with some very interesting looking flowers and the Pavilion itself is absolutely gorgeous. It is very regal looking with a beautiful exotic, oriental appearance.

In short, our 24 hours in Brighton was full of great food, lots of cocktails and non-stop exploring a beautiful town. We are already planning our next visit, hopefully very soon!

Have you visited Brighton? or are you planning your visit? 
Let us know your favourite places in Brighton or even your fave places in the UK, we need to make the most of the country we live in!

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