August 20, 2017

As were sure absolutely all of you are aware, we are big lovers of gin! Like, big time!
And since it's summer (supposedly) we thought it was the perfect time to try infusing our own, and make some super delicious flavoured gin.

We love raspberry flavours in anything, and thought it would make a divine gin that would be perfect for summer! We have also started infusing a rhubarb one but that's not ready yet, so we will let you know how it goes.

The gin turned out amazingly, and is so gorgeous just with tonic, and garnished with raspberries and a  squeeze of lime. It also came out this gorgeous dark pink, which turns into a very pretty colour when you add your mixer. This is a recipe you are going to want to make over and over, we definitely do! So here is how to make it...

35cl gin
150g raspberries
50g sugar

We used half a bottle of gin (because we were trying two flavours) but you can of course use a full bottle, just double all the ingredients!

Time for the easiest instructions ever...
Put the gin, raspberries and sugar into a large preserving jar, seal and then shake well to dissolve the sugar as much as possible. You also want to raspberries to break up a little.
Now, you need to place the jar in a cool, dark place and leave for 2 weeks. Make sure to give it a shake every couple of days. We set an alarm on one of our phones just to make sure we didn't forget about it.

Once two weeks has passed, and your gin has turned a lovely deep shade of pink, it's time to strain it. 
We used a square of muslin, inside a sieve, but you can always use a coffee filter. If you're finding it difficult to get your hands on some muslin, try the baby aisle in Boots. Once you have strained and squeezed every last drop of gin out of the raspberries, pour the gin into a sterilised bottle. 

 How gorgeous is this colour?! And it smells even better than it looks. Now, that your gin is ready, it's time to share with your fellow gin loving friends!

We think that this gin is best served with tonic in an ice-filled glass, garnished with a slice of lime and handful of raspberries. We're sure it would make an amazing cocktail, but we wanted to be able to taste our home-made efforts at their best.

 This gin is the perfect summers eve drink, with its intense raspberry flavours it just screams summer! 
We also have the rhubarb gin in the making, but cannot wait for the seasons to change so we can get making autumnal spiced gins and christmassy concoctions. We think it would be perfect as a gift too, as it can be personalised to their favourite flavours.

What flavour gins would you like to try? We would love to know!

Thank you so much for reading this post, we really appreciate every read!
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