March 31, 2016

We have another Easter themed baking post for you this week! We fancied baking some tasty flapjacks and made use of some of our leftover Easter treats by decorating our flapjacks with them!  You can use absolutely anything you desire to decorate your flapjacks with, you can use as little or as much as you'd like! We used this recipe which creates a delightfully moist flapjack base which we decided to add some sultanas to. You don't have to include the sultanas, you could leave them plain or add more cherries, nuts, seeds or anything your heart desires! 

6oz/170g Butter
6oz/170g Dark Brown Sugar
6oz/170g Golden Syrup
12oz/340g Rolled Oats 
4oz/115g Sultanas/Raisins (optional) 
Bar of White and/or Milk Chocolate 
Selection of Sweets and Chocolates to decorate 

Start by preheating your oven to 150°C/130 Fan/Gas mark 2.

First of all, take your baking tray, ours was 8 inch by 12 inch, which worked perfectly for the amount of mixture, and line it with greaseproof paper. 
Next, put all the butter into a medium sized pan and melt on a low heat. Then, using a pastry brush, brush your lined baking tray with a little of the melted butter.

The next step is to weigh out the sugar and syrup and add them to the pan of melted butter. Heat gently until all the sugar had dissolved and you get a smooth syrupy mixture. Now, remove the pan from the heat.

Add all of the oats into the sugar/syrup mix and combine. At this point you stir in any extras into your flapjack mixture such as sultanas, cherries etc.

Next you need to take your flapjack mixture and pour it all into the baking tray and spread out evenly. Lightly press the mixture down to make it flat and then it's ready to go into the oven for around 40 mins or until golden brown. 

Once your flapjack is out of the oven leave to cool completely on a wire rack before you start to decorate. It takes quite a while to cool, so you may need to wait around an hour, although it's very tempting to just take a bite immediately!

Now, onto the decoration! Break up your chocolate bars (or Easter eggs) and melt in the microwave. Then take a spoon and start drizzling! This doesn't need to be neat, just go crazy until you've used up all the chocolate or are happy with the way it looks!

Now take all your chocolates or sweets that you want to use to decorate your flapjacks! If, like us you are using larger chocolates like Creme Eggs (yum) or chocolate bars you will need to chop them up into smaller, bite-size pieces before putting them on the flapjacks. The chocolates we used are Mini Eggs, Creme Eggs, Chocolate Buttons and Cadbury's Marvellous creations bars, which made for an incredibly tasty topping!

Now you have all your chocolates ready you can go crazy and throw as much or as little as you like onto your flapjacks! Its best if the drizzled chocolate is still wet at this stage so the chocolates will stick to it. You might want to pop it into the fridge to set fully before you start to cut the flapjack into slices, this will just stop everything from falling off straight away! When you can't wait any longer just take a sharp knife and cut the flapjacks into whatever sized pieces you'd like. We managed to get 15 slices out of ours. 

The final step is to eat all of your delicious flapjacks and enjoy!

We hope you liked reading this post as much as we liked making these flapjacks! They are absolutely delicious and they did not last long in our house!  The chocolates on top made them extra delicious, but even the flapjack on its own was incredibly gooey and yummy! The dark brown sugar and lots of golden syrup gives them a gorgeous rich taste. 
 We might have to experiment with adding different things into this recipe!
Leave a comment if you have any ideas for what we could put in them! 
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Love, Antonia and Imogen

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