February 06, 2017

 Hello everybody! 
We hope you have a had a lovely Monday, and that it wasn't too hard getting out of bed this morning! Only four more days until weekend! This post continues on from yesterdays post so if you haven't seen that one yet then just click here...

After a lazy Sunday morning yesterday, we took once again for a wander up the beautiful Portobello Road. As per tradition one of us had to buy a ring, but this time is was Imogen, and it will surely be featuring on a post soon. 

We finally went to the incredible Biscuiteers, after eyeing up the biscuits on social media for years. And it DID NOT disappoint. The biscuits are so so so incredibly beautiful and amazing! They have a few cute tables tucked in the corner so we all had a cup of tea and shared a delicious blueberry frangipane tart. We have planned to go in the next few weeks to do one of the biscuit icing classes in their icing cafe which is going to be so much fun and we can't wait!

After wandering in and out of the shops all the way up Portobello Road, we quickly went in the Superga shop, bought three pairs of Supergas and then took the tube down to Kensington High Street. We only had a small wander around here but made a delicious stop at Prezzo to have a few yummy sharing boards, before heading home and sitting down with a cup of tea to write this post. 

Imogen is wearing...
Cable Jumper - River Island (again, oops sorry!)
Jeans - Zara (last season)

This is my favourite jumper at the moment and to be honest I just want to wear it every single day. It is SO soft and snuggly and perfect for a casual and comfy Sunday! I love the detail around the neck too because it just makes it more than an ordinary cable jumper.
It also makes me laugh because I actually work on the knitwear team at River Island so I know the jumper by its name "Carrie Cable" which is just what I want to call it when describing it to people!

Toni is wearing...
Top - River Island (striped no longer available but 5 other colours are!)
Burgundy Jeggings - Marks and Spencer
Navy Superga - Superga

I am loving the shirting trend right now, it's been going on for a while, at least since last summer and it doesn't look like it's going anywhere just yet! I have collected a few different items all of them in this classic blue and white stripe and this one is the newest addition. I love the little fluted sleeve and the black lace, giving a nod to another huge trend (the statement sleeve)! The only problem I have with this top is that it's super crease-able, especially when you have to squish those big old sleeves into a coat! It might be a top more suited to the warmer months when you don't need a coat. But seeing as this trend seems set to stay, that shouldn't be a problem!

Thanks so much for reading this post!
We had so much fun exploring London this weekend, I don't think it will ever get boring!
Please leave comments with the places you love to visit in London, we love your recommendations!
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See you soon,

Lots of love, Antonia and Imogen x

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