February 19, 2017

As we walked down Carnaby Street last weekend, we came across a bright, shiny blue shop filled with makeup which instantly dragged us inside (honestly it was all the shops fault). This shop turned out to be the new and first ever Estée Edit UK flagship store and it was extremely exciting. We had both never tried any of the Estée Edit makeup before, even though we had seen how gorgeous it was online. All of the makeup looked amazing especially the shiny palettes and the fluid metal eyeshadow which we think will most likely be our next beauty purchase. 

These are the limited edition Gritty & Glow Magnetic Eye and Face Palletes, and they are BEAUTIFUL!
The set of two palettes contain 12 (6 in each) highly pearlized and super soft shades which can be used on both eye and face. You can have them separate or magnetically click them together back to back.

The eyeshadows are a beautiful formula which makes them all super soft and they blend like a dream. They also have tiny pearl particles which gives them an extra gorgeous, sparkly shine, even shinier than the outside of the palette!
This duo actually turns out the be the most perfect palette duo every created for us! On a day to day basis Imogen is all about a bronze, shimmery eye, while Toni tends to go for a more deeper, metallic look. We both like to go for the opposite look regularly too so it's just a good job we live together and can use both whenever we want! And combining both Gritty and Glow creates the ultimate palette and so many amazing eye looks!

The Gritty eyeshadow palette is the ultimate smoky eye palette! The shades range from a champagne rose gold to a starry midnight black, and they are all so shimmery. They are perfect for layering and blending to make your own unique smoldering eye. One of the most amazing things about this palette is that there is NO fallout. We fully expected to get blue pigment all over the place as it so often happens with dark colours, but no it applied flawlessly!

We absolutely love all of these amazing metallic colours, we are just obsessed. Our faves at the moment are swerve (gold), wavy (green) and trip (blue), they are such incredible bright colours! The gold just pops so brightly and it looks amazing with burn (brown) and the blue and green are perfect for a bright, gritty going out look! The blue pops even brighter if used over a dark creme base, which is what I used in the photos at the bottom!

The Glow eye and face palette is the prettiest palette we have ever seen. As the name suggests it is perfect for giving yourself a gorgeous glow. There are shades in rose, champagne and bronze and they all compliment each other beautifully. The lighter shades are amazing for highlighting your 'glow zones' (as Estée likes to call them) - cheek bones, Cupids bow, brow bone and inner corners of your eyes. The other deeper colours are divine for bronzing your skin or shading and dimension to your cheeks and eyes. They are all the most shimmery and glowing highlight shades we have ever used.

We are absolutely loving this palette for both highlighting, and creating a neutral shimmery eye. This is the perfect palette for me (Imogen) as my favourite day eye looks are always either a bronzey-amber glowy eye or a light, pink pearly eye. Even if you don't want to put much effort into your makeup, you can just use one shade all over the lid (Ray is our fave for this) and blend it out for a very simple but beautiful eye.  

We photographed a couple of our favourite looks below but honestly there are hundreds, maybe even thousands of amazing combinations so you are probably going to hear about/ see these palettes a lot!

Thanks so much for reading this post!
We hope you love the look of these amazing, shimmering palettes are much as we do! 
Please let us know what you think and if you have tried anything from the Estée edit,
especially if you have tried the fluid metal eye shadow because honestly we can't stop thinking about it!
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