February 22, 2017

Last weekend we finally decided to take a trip to the Magical Lantern Festival at Chiswick Park. Its been on for about a month now and will be closing on the 26th Feb, so if you want to go you need to do it this weekend! Its a really fun thing to do at night if you fancy something a little different, and it's VERY pretty! AND they have some amazingly delicious street food at the end of the park like churros (the best we've had in a while) and Teriyaki chicken noodles, which definitely makes it worthwhile!

You can get tickets on the website and you can get discount if you use the code CNY10
It's open from Thursday to Sunday, so don't miss your last chance!

This one was one of our favourites, just look how pretty that reflection is! We are real suckers for a good reflection pic and this one turned out stunning.

There are so many gorgeous lanterns spread out across the park, so you can just have a wander round at your own pace. There are little bits to read at each lantern, but it's really funny pointless statements like 'This lantern consists mainly of camels', which there is no reading. It's definitely worth walking to the end for the amazing street food, or maybe a drink at the bar or a spin on the teacups. There's also a cool part where you can buy a giant marshmallow and toast it on an open fire.

Thank you for reading this post!
We just had so many pictures that we thought we should share them with you!
Remember if you're thinking of going, it only runs until 26th February, so you need to get it booked quick!
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