January 19, 2017

We think the ballet inspired trend is one of the prettiest out there at the moment. Think pastel shades, tulle skirts, pretty bows, backless leotards and of course, ballet pumps. The Autumn/Winter catwalks saw lots of variations of this whimsical trend with elegant tulle skirts and skin tight leotards as well as a grungy take on the trend with studded ballerina flats and layered black net. Our favourite has to be Valentino (pics above) their take is undeniably graceful and romantic, we absolutely adore the layered tulle skirt. The sheer pastel colours are so pretty! 

This was a trend for last autumn but it has just come to our attention now as lots of brands seem to be bringing it in with their new arrivals at the moment, so it seems set to be a trend that will continue, at least for now! It's a perfect trend for especially for those of you who dreamed of growing up and being a ballerina!

We have put together some of our favourite items, so whether you want to go full-blown ballerina or just give a nod to the trend, here are our top picks...

1.Topshop-£22      2.ASOS-£14      3.H&M-£12.99      4.Topshop-£22      5.Topshop-£22
A pastel coloured body is an obvious way to feel like a ballerina. Then pair it with a tulle skirt and you are well on your way! We love the Topshop backless one with the white ribbon, it is so pretty!

1.M&S-£29.50      2.Zara-£17.99      3.H&M-£9.99      4.M&S-£17.50
These four tops just give a subtle nod to the trend. The ribbon ties on the M&S jumper add such gorgeous detail, we think it would look super pretty with some boyfriend jeans and laced up ballet pumps! Any kind of bow or ribbon is a good way to pay homage to this trend and the scoop back t-shirt from M&S has a lovely thick, white ribbon! We actually saw this one in store and they had the ribbon tied in a bow at the back, which was incredibly cute and looked much better than the way they have it tied on the website!

1.Mango-£32      2.M&S-£99      3.New Look-£22      4.Topshop-£26
 A wrap top like these has a classic ballerina feel to it and the pale pastel colours makes them even prettier. We love the New Look jumper with the wrap over back, it adds a nice twist to the look.

1.H&M-£24.99      2.H&M-£49.99      3.Topshop-£34      4.H&M-£12.99
 These two cardigans have a really nice, slouchy, off-duty ballerina feel to them. The pink H&M one looks so soft and comfy! The wrap dresses have a definite ballet influence, we love the colour of the Topshop one, which also fits in with the statement sleeve trend! You might need to be careful how you style this though, unless you want people thinking you're on the way to a ballet class.

1.ASOS-£50      2.Little Mistress-£40      3.ASOS-£48      4.Little Mistress-£50
Tulle skirts are the prettiest and most obvious way to go with this trend and If you're after one, get yourself onto ASOS right now! They have SO MANY! We are desperate to buy ourselves one and ASOS have them in every colour and style imaginable. We love the layered peach coloured one, if only we had an occasion to wear it....sigh.

1.Topshop-£29      2.M&S-£35      3.Boohoo-£20      4.Mango-£15.99
 These are some much more casual tulle skirts that can easily be dressed down with some trainers and a casual t-shirt or jumper. We really love the asymmetrical one from Topshop! The layered grey Mango one is also super pretty and it's in the sale right now so get it quick if you like it!

1. ASOS-£18      2.M&S-£45      3.ASOS-£14.99      4.M&S-£19.50
Finally, we have these super gorgeous, lace-up ballerina flats! This is such a pretty way to wear this trend and you can wear them with literally anything! The peach coloured shoe gives a very traditional ballerina look, especially with shiny ribbon ankle ties! We are 100% going to get some of these (and probably something from all of the above pics). 

Thank you so much for reading this post!
Let us know if you have any ballet inspired items, or if you've seen any other pretty pieces out there! Also, if there are any others trends you'd like to see on the blog, let us know in the comments. 
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