January 15, 2017


We are hope you are having a lovely Sunday, can you believe we are so far through January already? How did this happen?

Today we thought that we would let you in on a few products that we have tried and loved from the Marks and Spencer Beauty Advent Calendar. If you love all things beauty then we would highly recommend getting it next year, it's just so exciting getting a new product every morning!

Now that we've had some time to try them out, we have developed a few favourites. There are still so many others that we have barely even tried so they may feature later on in January if we like them but for now we are loving these. We conveniently have a perfect mix of different products from makeup to skincare to haircare. So, in no particular order...

For both of us this Bee Lovely Handcream from Neal's Yard has become a handbag essential! It smells incredible and we absolutely love that it helps to save the bees! The scent is delicious orange and honey and we find it very moisturising. We would definitely consider buying this again!

The Burt's Bees lip balm has also become a favourite to keep in our bags/pockets, its perfect for when your lips are feeling a little chapped as it is super moisturising. One of the ingredients is peppermint which gives it a lovely scent and adds a tingly feeling!

The Emma Hardie Cleansing balm is a well known favourite; so many bloggers use and rave about this product so we were very excited to find it in our Advent calendars! This was the perfect opportunity to try it out without splurging! We are really liking it so far, it works really well for taking your make up off and feels really lovely in the process. It leaves you will gorgeously soft and silky, moisturised skin which feels as clean as it possibly can.

We have been loving using this to moisturise our skin before putting our make up on, it is the Filorga Time-Filler wrinkle cream. It is obviously supposed to be an anti-wrinkle cream but we're really just enjoying it as a moisturiser. It's not too sticky and sinks into the skin really quickly leaving it silky smooth and soft.

This Josh Wood Radiant Shine hair treatment oil has become part of our hair routine. It adds a gorgeous shine to your hair and conditions any dry ends. It also smells really nice and it comes with a fun pipette!

We both love this nail polish, it's such a pretty shimmery pink colour so we have both had this on our toe nails over the Christmas period. This particular shade might have been a special edition for the advent calendar as we can't find it on the website but there are some other lovely shades. The formula is really nice, and pretty long lasting! It's the All in One Nail Colour with Argan Oil.

We have been loving this Pixi Brow Tamer. We both have pretty full, dark brows anyway so this is perfect just to tame them a little and set them into a neater shape. It holds all day, which we think is brilliant!

This Rituals magic touch body cream is one of the most divine smelling moisturisers we have ever, ever smelled. It leaves your whole body smelling of cherries and incredibly soft and revitalised. We've been wanting to try something from Rituals for a while so this is perfect and we will definitely be making a trip to the Rituals shop in Westfield soon.

We both love this Rosie for Autograph glossy lip balm we have been using it so much! It is in the colour 'Supermodel Smile' and it's basically a very sheer dark nude shade. We find it super easy to throw on when you just want something low maintenance, it's really nice and moisturising and just adds a little colour and shine to your lips. We definitely want to try some of the other colours and some of the other products in this range!

Thank you so much for reading this post!
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