January 25, 2017

Hello everybody! We hope you are having a lovely week so far!
We had a little spend at River Island last week and thought we would show you a couple of our favourite pieces that we picked up. Since moving to London, we have been spending our weekends exploring places that we have never been before. This weekend we decided to explore the Spitalfields, Shoreditch area and in particular the impressive length of Brick Lane. 

There is A LOT of amazing and beautiful graffiti to be found hidden down the side streets just off Brick Lane. And lots of other cool stuff like the Eleven and Eleven and a Half doorways above. The best way to find them is just to wander, and that's exactly what we did!

 Imogen is wearing...
Boots - ALDO (last season)
Bag - Coach
Earrings - & Other Stories (last season)
Watch - Olivia Burton

I absolutely love everything about this dress! The mesh fabric, the colours and the floral patterns are just perfect. And it's a great length to be able to wear with tights, or maybe even over black jeans as more of a tunic. It's a really comfortable relaxed t-shirt shape and very easily dressed up or down. 

Antonia is wearing...
Dress - River Island
Boots - Dune
Bag - Mulberry (past seasons)
Earrings - H&M (last season)
Watch- Olivia Burton
Rings - Portobello Road Markets

The embroidery trend is still going strong and I love the silver and white embroidery at the back of this dress! It's embellished with some sequins and beads and there's a little bit on the shoulder at the front as well as the back. A simple black shirt dress can be so flattering and the embroidery just gives it a little something extra! 

This outfit is so comfortable! The dress is a lovely thick, soft fabric, it feels really expensive and the boots are also incredibly comfy and soft! I just love the boots! They are embroidered in little metallic stars, so pretty!

Thank you so much for reading this post!
We really do appreciate every single view!
As some of you know I (Imogen) now work at River Island Head Office, so there is probably going to be a big increase in the amount of RI clothes in the wardrobe! (Hello fabulous staff discount!)
If there are any posts you would love to see from us then please leave them in a comment below, we would love to know. And also let us know any of your secret, hidden gems of London, we are dying to discover some amazing places!
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See you soon,

Lots of love, Antonia and Imogen x

'You see things and say why?...But I dream things and say why not?'

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