April 30, 2017

As you may have seen in our previous post, we took to Camden last weekend for a little explore. Somehow even after visiting London a lot, and living here for coming up to 4 months ( 4 MONTHS, HOW?) we have both never actually been to Camden.

The moment we stepped out of the tube station, it was 100% how we had imagined it from what we had heard from various people and seen on Instagram. The streets were lined with unique looking shops some of which had crazy, exciting sculptures and art on the buildings above. We loved the colours and patterns on the Namaste shop (pictured above) and the elephant was pretty cool too!

The moment we got there we needed to stop for a drink (as per usual) so we found a nice looking Italian called Rosso Pomodoro, just off the main road with plenty of seats outside for us to soak up the sun while sipping Aperol. The Aperol wasn't planned but the moment we saw it on the menu we both HAD to have it!

Choosing this restaurant was a snap decision purely based on the tables in the sun and the promise of Aperols. But, we are so so happy we chose it. The menu was full of delicious sounding food, and we honestly can't wait to go again and try some more of the amazing food. The pizzas looked crazy good! All we knew was that we wanted to try some of their Street Food of Naples plates so went for this sharing plate for two. It was a selection of arancini (rice balls), crocchè (mozzarella and potato), mozzarella panata (breaded mozzarella, OMG) , frittatine (pasta croquette) and montanare (fried pizza dough balls). Everything on the plate was absolutely delicious all served sat on their own little sauce. SO GOOD!

After our delicious food, we continued up the road to the famous Camden Lock. We honestly felt like we could have been in a city in another country. The lock was filled with street food stalls, and people. Lot and lots of people. It had such a great atmosphere, and the smell was incredible. There were so many incredible food stalls from burritos to burgers to wheels of melted cheese, it all looked great! 

We continued on through all of the market stalls finding more yummy foods and cute pieces of jewellery. We ended up buying this divine churro stick filled with melted chocolate. Heaven in a stick!

From Camden Town it's only a short walk to the tranquil gardens of Regents Park. If you walk along the side of the road by London Zoo on a slight detour to get into the park,  you can see the giraffe enclosure, just saying.

Regents Park is pretty big, and there are so many different sections that there's no way we saw all of it. What we did see was absolutely beautiful, this is definitely one of the prettiest parks we've seen so far in London! We stopped for a cup of tea first outside the Hub cafe, which is in the middle of the park with lovely 360 views of the surrounding area, then walked over to the boating lake, which is very pretty! We then wandered through Queen Mary's Gardens to the Avenue Gardens which is where all the beautiful flower beds and fountains are, the wide tree lined paths made us feel like we could have been in central park!

If you fancy a wander through a park with lots of pretty sights, Regents Park is definitely a good one! Leave a comment with your favourite London park, we're always on the lookout for more places to explore!

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