November 07, 2016

 Hello! It's that monthly favourites time of month again, so here we have our October favourites. Some of these favourites are actually from september, in fact, all of Imogens are, but we missed September Favourites so here we are! Let's get started... 

Imogen: This light box has been on my wishlist for way over a year now and I finally got one when Toni bought this for my birthday. I love having it in my room to write pretty messages on, and it happens to come in very useful for blog posts and birthdays.

Imogen: I've been wanting to buy a Jo Malone fragrance for a while now, so I thought that my birthday was a perfect time to get one! After smelling every scent in the shop once or twice, I chose the Pomegranate Noir Cologne. It's quite similar to my other favourite perfume Black Opium. It is a spicy but fruity smell and as Jo Malone says 'Dark and Enigmatic'. I love it!

Antonia: I know a lot of people love Jo Malone fragrances so I though I'd give them a try. I went and smelled probably all of them and immediately fell in love with the Earl Grey and Cucumber one! Its a really lovely fresh scent, it does have a very slight hint of Earl Grey tea, but not too much. I am really not a fan of Earl Grey tea so it's very surprising that this would be my favourite, but I love it! Jo Malone scents are pretty expensive but you only need to use a tiny bit and the smell lasts for a really long time!

Antonia: This rose gold zig-zag bangle was one of my favourite birthday presents, I've worn it almost everyday since I got it! It's by Melissa Odabash which you can buy in John Lewis. I absolutely love the zig-zag shape, it's something a bit different and eye-catching. You can't see in the photo but it has a little section of black stones which I think adds a really pretty detail.

Imogen: As most of you probably know, I am totally in love with giraffes, so this necklace had to be one of my faves! I love that the ring is a mix of silver and gold, and I've barely taken it off since I got it! Both the necklace and ring are from LVNDR, which I am totally obsessed with as you could tell from my post 'In love with LVNDR' back in spring. There is a lot of gorgeous, unique pieces of jewellery and they are all very reasonably priced. Even just going on the website to get the link for the site above has just got me hooked again, and I'll definitely be back on there when I've finished this post! 

Antonia: These two Models Own palettes were a treat to myself towards the end of the month, it was love at first sight! I haven't tried any of Models Owns make up before, even though I own about a million of their nail polishes, so I thought it was time to give the make-up a go! There are so many pretty colours in these palettes, this photo really does not do it justice! If you've read any of our other make-up posts you'll probably know that I love wearing warm shades, particularly reds and purples and there are some gorgeous ones in these palettes! There are lots of different palettes to choose from on the website, I chose Supernatural and Vintage Rose. If you want to see swatches of these beautiful eyeshadows, let us know in the comments!

Antonia: The Inglot eyeshadow is another of the incredible AMC Pure Pigment Eyeshadows in 82. This was another birthday present, from Imogen! I love it so much, I want to collect all of them, I will never get over how sparkly they are! This is another Duo Chrome one, like the purple/blue one in our June Favourites. This one is a gorgeous copper colour that shines gold/red at certain angles. 

The lipstick is Kiko Gossamer Emotion Creamy Lipstick in 107 Mocaccino. It has very quickly become one of my favourite lipsticks! Its a dark-ish almost nude shade, I find it so easy to wear. I wear so many matte lipsticks at the moment its really nice to have a creamy finish, it feels so moist and not at all drying on the lips! To say its a creamy lipstick, it doesn't have a shiny look, its almost matte.

Imogen: This Coach bag was my main birthday present and I really, really love it! I haven't used any other bag since my birthday, and it was absolutely perfect for our trip to Rome. It is the Turnlock Tie Rucksack in black, similar to this one but mine doesn't have the studs. It is in a soft pebble leather which makes it a perfect slouchy backpack. Backpacks in general have been my favourite thing since before summer because I just love having my arms free! 

Thankyou so much for reading our post!
What have been your favourites for the month of October? We would love to know!
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Love, Antonia and Imogen x

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