February 25, 2016

I had my eye on this palette when it came out last autumn and then I sort of forgot about it until yesterday when I saw it in Debenhams with £10 off ! So obviously I had to get it.
It's the Urban Decay Vice 4 palette, you can get it here. It's usually £43 and I got it for £33!
I'm not sure if it was a one day only offer but I'd say its definitely worth a look in just incase as Debenhams have a lot of Mothers Day promotions on at the moment. 
The palette is packed with 20 beautiful vibrant shades, there's a mix of super bright colours and neutrals with some gorgeous shimmery shadows and a few mattes.

First of all can we just talk about how gorgeous the packaging is? It's so shiny! It has this really pretty smashed glass effect on the front which looks iridescent in the light and it comes in a little neoprene bag which also has the shiny cracked glass effect. The other thing I love about the packaging is the huge mirror on the inside! The entire inside of the lid is one big mirror which is always handy to have and the bigger the better!

Here's a close up look at all the colours, I just can't get over how gorgeous they are. I'm so excited to use them all! I have swatched them all below so you can kind of get an idea of how they look on the skin. Although I must say that none of my pictures do them justice!

I've started with the first column on the left and I'll work my way along. I really like 'Bitter', I've already used it and it's really nice in the crease to add some warmth. It's not as orange as it looks in this photo it actually comes across a bit more of a brick shade. I also think 'Bones' will be a lovely shimmery base colour.

'Flame' is one that immediately jumps out at me! It's such a bright, pretty colour, as is 'Grasshopper'. As with all Urban Decay eyeshadows they are SO pigmented which is one of the reasons I love them. I also quite like 'Grip', I was surprised when I swatched it as at a first glance in the palette I thought it was going to be matte but it's actually got a really fine shimmer to it which is very pretty. 

I love how bright '1985' is! I'm not sure how much use I will get out of it realistically but I will try my best to use it one way or another! 'C-note' is a slightly more understated green  and I know I'll get a lot of use out of this and the other two gorgeous, dark, shimmery shades.

My favourite of this column is definitely 'Beat down'! It comes across even brighter on the skin than it does in the palette and I can't wait to use it. I also love 'Underhand', I use dark burgundy/red shades on my eyes a lot and this one has a really lovely, almost iridescent shine to it. 

I absolutely love this combination of colours together. 'Delete' is a really nice dark brown with a hint of shimmer which I will definitely use a lot. The two purple/lilac shades are so beautiful on the skin! I don't normally use a lot of cool-toned colours on my eyes but I'm definitely going to give these a go!

I love this palette so much and I'm very excited to start using it everyday. If your thinking of trying it, it's definitely worth a look around to see if there are any good promotions about, you never know what you might find! 
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Love, Antonia

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