July 08, 2018

 This glorious sunshine has us craving and eating a lot of delicious ice lollies and ice creams. One of the firm faves of the Sharkett sisters and I'm sure of a lot of you reading this is the Twister. I'm sure the thought of that fruity strawberry ice centre surrounded by swirls of lime ice and pineapple ice cream has you drooling. Well... us too, and that's why we have created the first of (hopefully!) many ice lolly inspired cupcakes.

We created a lime sponge with a gorgeous strawberry filling, and topped this with the most divine swirled lime and pineapple buttercream. We just love that topped with a few slices of strawberries, they just give you all the Twister feels, and they taste increeeedible too!
Even ignoring the inspiration for the cupcakes, this combination is the absolutely delish and unquestionably perfect for summer!!

There are no other twister lolly cupcakes out there - trust us we searched Pinterest to make sure! - so keep scrolling to find the one and only recipe for Twister inspired cupcakes...


For the cupcakes...
(makes 11)
4oz butter
4oz caster sugar
2 eggs
2 limes, juice and zest
1 tsp baking powder
4oz self-raising flour

For the pineapple purée...
4 pineapple rings/ g tin of pineapple
lemon juice, a few a splashes
1 tbsp pineapple juice (from the tin)

For the strawberry centre...
250g strawberries, chopped
1 tbsp lemon juice

For the lime buttercream...
2½ oz unsalted butter
½ lime, zest and juice
5oz icing sugar
green food colouring

For the pineapple buttercream...
2½ oz unsalted butter
pineapple purée
5oz icing sugar

For decoration...
Handful of strawberries, sliced

Firstly, you want to make the purées/sauces, so that these can thicken and cool in the fridge ready for later.
Starting with the strawberry sauce, chop the strawberries into small chunks and place in a saucepan on a medium heat. Stir in the lemon juice, and then leave to simmer for around 15 minutes. Set aside in the fridge to thicken. 

Next, to make the pineapple purée, start by blending the pineapple rings until you are left with a smooth-ish purée. This can be done in a blender or alternatively in a bowl with a hand blender. To thicken this up, place in a sauce pan along with a few splashes on lemon juice. Bring to a simmer and then leave to simmer for 8-10 minutes. Transfer to a bowl and leave to cool in the fridge until needed.

Onto the cakes! Preheat your oven to 200°C/180°C Fan/Gas mark 6 and line a cupcake tray with 11 cupcake cases.

To make the cupcakes, start by beating together the butter and the sugar until light and fluffy. Then, beat in the eggs. Add in the flour, baking powder, and zest and juice of 2 limes and then mix until combined into a smooth batter. Divide your mixture into your cupcake cases and bake in your pre-heated oven for around 18 minutes or until golden brown and an inserted skewer comes out clean. Set aside on a wire rack to cool.

Once cool, use a small sharp knife to cut a small hole in each of your cupcakes, eating the middles as you go! Fill the centres with your homemade strawberry purée.

For the buttercream, you want to make two separate recipes and then put them in the piping bag together.
Starting with the lime buttercream - Beat the butter in a bowl until light and fluffy; the butter should turn from yellow to near enough white. Then add in the zest and juice of 1 lime and green food colouring, beating until fully combined. Measure out the icing sugar and beat this into the buttercream gradually, making sure it is fully combined before adding the next spoonful. If you want to add more icing sugar, you can continue to add one spoonful at a time until you achieve your desired consistency.

Now, begin the pineapple buttercream by beating the butter until light and fluffy. Add in 1½-2 tablespoons of your chilled pineapple purée and beat well. As before, measure out the icing sugar and beat into the buttercream gradually. Again adding any extra icing sugar one spoonful at a time until you're happy with the consistency. 

Put each buttercream into a piping bag and then pipe in alternate lines onto a big piece of clingfilm. Wrap this up into a kind of buttercream sausage before cutting one end and placing into a piping bag fitted with a star nozzle. 

Pipe the buttercream onto the cupcakes swirling from the outside in, and then decorate with slices of strawberry.

These cupcakes are absolutely divine and exactly what you need to be eating all summer. No cares for a summer body, just ice lolly inspired cupcakes all summer long!

We really loved creating these Twister inspired cupcakes for you, 
so we hope you loved this post too!
Please let us know below what your fave ice lollies/ ice creams are and we will try our best to turn them into a delicious ice cream. We've got our eye on fab lollies next...

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 See you next time! 

Lots of love, 

Antonia and Imogen x

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