June 26, 2018


 So it's safe to say, last weekend was pretty perfect! 
It started with Taylor Swift at Wembley for the Reputation stadium tour on Friday, and then carried on so chilled and just really lovely. As our Mum and Dad were in London for the weekend, we wanted to do something fun and explore somewhere we have never been before (besides a school trip that is, verrry different vibe!)

We caught the train out of London and in around an hour we were in the wonderful Windsor. With it's quaint streets and obviously the gorgeous castle, it was a much welcomed break from central London. And it made it much easier to unwind and let the weekend feelings flow! We walked up the Long Walk - only part way because as the name suggests it's v v long, wandered by the beautiful riverside, ate ice creams, and unsurprisingly did a little shopping. 
And what do all these activities need? A perfect weekend outfit of course... 

Top, Jeans (similar ones here, mine are zara basic) - Zara
Sandals - Topshop
Necklace - Orelia at Topshop
Earrings - Zara
Bag - Accessorize

I absolutely love my new jeans! Over winter and until pretty much two weeks ago, I was stuck in my black skinny high waisted jeans with pretty much zerooo alternative. Every time I tried any blue jeans on, they just didn't fit around the waist/the rips were in the wrong place/they had every other problem there is. But these are perfect - maybe a little short, but now it's summer it doesn't matter, and they are super comfortable! I don't think the link above is the exact ones but they are the closest I could find on the website, I'm sure they will still be instore though. The top is also from Zara, and is such a bright and fun top, and exactly the style I want to go for. It has a perfect summery feel and happens to go really well with these wooden earrings - also from Zara, oops. 

These sandals were originally featured on our sandal post a month ago, and I still think as highly of them now as I did then. They've continued to be fabulously comfortable and they go with absolutely EVERYTHING! They are definitely the one thing currently missing from your wardrobe! And last but not least is this beautiful necklace from Orelia. It's another dupe of the Missoma collection and I just love it. It makes any outfit just a little more fancy and I just never want to take it off. If you're a Missoma fan, without the Missoma money, then you should definitely check out the Orelia collection!

Jumpsuit - Monki
Sunglasses - River Island 
Earrings - Stradivarius 
I can't find these online but these ones are similar.
Bag - Accessorize (last year)
Sandals - Primark 

This plisse jumpsuit is my new favourite thing! It's the perfect easy-to-throw-on outfit. Despite it being black, its super practical for the summer months. The fabric is really light and the shape of the jumpsuit is delightfully loose and wafty. (if thats a word...) 
Its also incredibly comfortable, and super stretchy, I could be wearing pyjamas. Plus the black is really flattering!
Plisse is a huge trend right now as is the wide leg trouser, so you're ticking a lot of boxes with this one! It also comes in a bright green and a really nice dusty pink, I think I might be in need of another one! I've definitely got my eye on the pink...

Thanks so much for reading this post!
Have you been to Windsor before? We would love to know the places we have got to visit next time besides inside the gorgeous castle!

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Lots of love, 

Antonia and Imogen x

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