June 20, 2018

Show 1 | Friday night | Beyoncé and Jay Z OTRII

Honestly, there aren't enough words in the world to describe this show. The connection between them onstage is perfect, and their talent is practically overflowing. Beyoncé brought back some amazing old faves for this show, but kept some of the incredible Lemonade tracks too - who wouldn't want Sorry followed with Me, Myself and I?! 
If you've ever seen Beyoncé live you will know that she is always absolutely incredible!
Her costumes are just amazing, we especially LOVED the red sequin jacket! Of course Jay Z was great too, '03 Bonnie & Clyde is always going to be a winner.

 Favourite songs: Holy Grail, I Care, Resentment, Forever Young/Perfect
Favourite moment: Breakdown in Sorry 
If you're big fan of Beyonce you probably know the favourite moment were talking about, if not, youtube 'Beyoncé suck on my balls' immediately.
Venue: The London Stadium 

 London Stadium is flippin' huge! The only downside to this night was how far away from the stage basically everyone is, we're not even sure what the best position would be (except the super expensive golden circle). But it's great being stood outside, especially in Londons summer air!

Tips: Don't bother buying the drinks from the wandering cocktail people, they're really small, £8 and definitely not worth the money.

Show 2 | Saturday night | Haim Sister Sister Sister tour

We both left this show feeling all the female empowerment, and ready to smash the world - the feeling has slightly dimmed on a Wednesday afternoon but we'll get it back!
The girls are just so incredibly talented and hilarious too! We just want to be them/ be there 4th and 5th sister/ at least be friends, so we're working on that!

Favourite song: Want you back, Right now
Favourite moment: Dance breakdown in 
Venue: Alexandra Palace 

This was our first time at Ally Pally and it will definitely not be our last, this was our favourite venue of the weekend! Being at huge stadiums, and then a smaller venue really shows just how much better a more intimate audience is! They also have a cool food/drink hall which we didn't get to explore but we're sure we saw some halloumi fries! 

Tips: If you're getting public transport and end up at Wood green station (we don't know if this is always a thing) then there's a special shuttle bus service taking you up to Alexandra Palace for £1 return which drops you right outside the door! Perfect!

Show 3 | Sunday night | Ed Sheeran ÷ Stadium tour

Picking our favourite songs from this night was hard! We love all of his songs and Ed is such a fantastic performer. It was amazing from start finish with some super fun and energetic songs that got the whole crowd dancing, and of course the dreamy ballads like perfect. The stage and screens definitely made his show even more incredible, the colours and graphics were just so pretty and cool!
Also, a big shout out to Anne Marie who was one of the support acts. She was a lot of fun and is definitely on our list of people to see again!

Favourite songs: Castle on the Hill, Galway Girl, Sing
Favourite moment(s): Ed getting the ENTIRE of Wembley singing the loudest they've every sung before (pretty much the chorus of every song)
Venue: Wembley Stadium 

Wembley Stadium is obviously massive, but somehow it felt smaller than the London Stadium on Friday night. We managed to get a lot closer to the stage and it really makes a difference. Wembley can be a bit of a nightmare to get to and from but it's definitely an amazing venue!

Tips: With Wembley it's good idea to get yourself to the edge of the crowd during the last song, so that the second the last song ends you can be out of there! Head straight to Bobby Moore statue and speed walk right down Olympic Way to the station - they have traffic control so the crowds might not necessarily be as bad as they seem. Failing that just head to a bar and wait it out - that's most likely what we will be doing Friday night after The Reputation Tour!!

Thanks so much for reading this post!
Were you at any of these shows too? We would love to know what your favourite moments were!

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Antonia and Imogen x

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