May 22, 2016

We've done A LOT of shopping recently so we wanted to share some of our purchases with you! We've got a whole post just on the items from H&M because there were so many! The summer collections at H&M have got some gorgeous stuff in, so we would definitely recommend a look! The great thing about H&M is that it's not super expensive so we didn't have to break the bank to get all of this!
Most of these things are for our holiday in about a months time. We can't wait to finally get some sun and we were definitely in need of some new summery clothes to take with us.
We plan on taking a lot of outfit photos while we're there so hopefully you'll get to see how we actually wear these!

My first item is this blue, floral dress which is lovely and floaty. It will be perfect for a hot summers day! 

You can't tell properly here but this dress is actually a dark green. It fits really well and will look nice in the daytime, or dressed up at night with some pretty sandals or heels!

I've never had a jumpsuit before because I just feel a bit weird wearing them. But, I love this one so I decided to give it a try. I just love the colours and pattern!

I love this t-shirt dress and might actually go back to get one of the other colours.  I've worn it already and it is so soft and comfortable and super easy to wear!

This is the cutest top ever! I really love the little colourful little pom-poms and the shape. I think it will look really cute with some denim shorts and I'm very excited to wear it!

I love this dress because even though it's just a simple shape, it has really pretty tie-up sides, which will show off my (hopefully) tanned sides whilst on holiday! 

Antonia: Moving on to my items... 
First off is this really pretty, mustard coloured, tie dye skirt. I really love the dipped hem and the pleated detail at the waistband! I think this will be a really easy, casual item to throw on with a t-shirt and some sandals. 

I'm loving the off-the-shoulder trend at the moment and this black jersey tee is so cute! I love the little pom-pom trim on the hem and sleeves!

I got Imogen to try this on for me to take a picture so it's a few sizes too big for her, but it still looks amazing! I absolutely love this dress, the bright orange palm print is so pretty! I love a good maxi dress, they make a perfect holiday outfit for when you want to dress up a little.

This maxi kaftan is the perfect cover up to wear over a swimsuit. I love the print and the colours, and the length means it really does the job of covering up whilst adding a little bit of glamour!

I love this mustard coloured, jersey t-shirt, the sheer lace panel is super pretty! I think this will look really nice tucked into a skirt or just with shorts!

You always need a white t-shirt in your wardrobe and I think this tassel trim one is so pretty! I have a lot of printed/bright coloured trousers and skirts so I am always in need of nice white tops to go with them!

It's a sparkly pineapple! Need I say more...?

Thankyou for reading this post! 
H&M have got so much amazing, summer clothes in at the moment. We are especially loving all the bright colours and patterns because they are perfect for summer!
Let us know if you get anything, because we will probably be back for more! 
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Love, Antonia and Imogen x

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