April 03, 2016

Hello! Somehow, March has flown by and we can barely remember any of it, but we do remember what we have been loving this month!
March is all about trying to break out of winter into spring but then remembering that it's still going to rain most of the time!
We've got quite a variety of different products in our favourites this month, from fashion to beauty to tech.

Imogen: First up, we have both been loving the Stila Stay All Day waterproof liquid eyeliner this month. I have actually been using this eyeliner for maybe a year now (different ones of course) after falling in love with Stila eyeliners in Florida in 2014. I love them because they really do 'stay all day', it doesn't fade through the day and it takes more than a tired rub of the eye to wipe it off! I use 'Intense Black' which is, as it says, a very dark black which rarely needs more than one coat to make it a deep black. The eyeliner has a perfect tip for precise application.
Antonia: After Imogen loving her Stila eyeliners for a long while, I finally decided I needed to give them a go. I've been looking for a good brown eyeliner for a while and so far all I had found was brown eyeliners which turned almost black when they dried. So when I saw that they had these in brown I knew I needed to try one! From the second I tried it I absolutely loved it! The tip is quite long and thin which really helps to get a nice point on my winged liner and a nice thin line across the lid. Its also a really nice brown, it comes across nice and soft compared to a black liner, which is perfect for those days I don't want as harsh a line.

Imogen: You may have seen if you follow 'sharkettsisters' on Instagram, that I recently bought these cute little rings from LVNDR. I'm really in love with these rings and I'm planning on placing another order from them soon! They are very reasonably priced, even the Luxe fish ring which is a better quality is not too expensive. I'm really especially enjoying wearing the fish ring at the moment while I'm spending my university holiday in Abersoch which is a little seaside village, I just think it's very apt.

Antonia: I am loving wearing this watch and bangle at the moment, I love how they look together! I love Olivia Burton watches; I think they are all so pretty, especially some of the floral designs they have at the moment! I already have a pale green watch similar to this one but I decided I wanted a more winter appropriate colour. It has a dark burgundy face and patent strap with a gold casing. The bangle is the oval pavé bangle from Fossil. It's a thin, delicate bangle accented with pavé crystals. Even though they are different golds, I think the two go well together because they're both quite simple but the bangle adds a nice sparkle!

Antonia: I have been wearing this almost everyday recently, and I seem to get quite a few compliments when I do! I've been through countless bottles of Marc Jacobs perfumes, every one just smells so good, and this one is no exception! It's relatively new to the Marc Jacobs collection and its called Decadence. One of the things I love about it is the bottle, it looks like a little handbag! I'm definitely swayed by the bottle when It comes to buying a new perfume, so I was obviously attracted to this one, with its gold chain and tassel and pretty green glass! Aside from that, it also smells amazing! I find that a lot of the Marc Jacobs perfumes are usually quite floral and light (which I love) but this one is a bit different. It has a deeper, more woody and spicy scent to it which is a really nice change for me!

Antonia: I've wanted some 'On Ear' Headphones for a really long time, and I know that Bose are super good quality, so when I saw these discounted in Costco I knew I had to get them! Bose headphones are quite expensive so if you want some, it's definitely worth having a look around for any discounts! The sound quality really makes up for the price though! The sound is so clear and the headphones really block out any outside sound, which is exactly what I want!

Imogen: These are the Carvela Kurt Geiger Lucky red lace-up flats. I originally wanted some new black flats but when I saw these, I fell in love and decided I would somehow make them work with everything! They are such a lovely, bright red and surprisingly go with nearly everything. They are perfect for spring, as I think they look good teamed with skinny jeans to floaty dresses, not that I have had the weather to wear dresses yet!

Imogen: My last favourite is this yellow rain coat from Only. It's no longer on the Only website but you can still buy it here. I've worn this quite a lot already and will probably continue to wear it a lot more as the April showers kick in. It's a nice, bright yellow perfect for going into spring, and it makes me happy to get out of all the dark wintery colours I have been wearing so far this year. I especially like to wear this with my many striped tops I've recently bought and go for a fisherman type look, haha.

 Let us know in the comments what your favourites have been through March along with any other things you think we would love.
We hope you enjoyed reading about our favourites!
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Love, Antonia and Imogen

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