April 16, 2016

As you may have seen on either our March Favourites or on our Get to Know Us posts, 
I have really fallen in love with LVNDR and all it's amazing, unique jewellery!
I bought some rings about a month ago and have been looking at the website nearly every day since trying to decide what I wanted next! My latest order came just yesterday and yes, I still want more...

The necklace here is the Rose Quartz Necklace. It is such a gorgeous pink perfect for spring! The chain is about 80cm and the exact length I wanted so I'm incredibly in love with it! The Rainbow Moonstone Ring is such a perfect princess ring. It is so shiny and the camera just can't pick up the amazing, shimmery reflection. Also, I love the quote that LVNDR have used on this product page, it's like the ring has special powers.

'Rainbow Moonstone is said to intensify your feminine Goddess energy, nurture the spirit and assist women to recognise their innate personal power.' 

 The three other silver rings came as part of the Silver Essential Stack set together although you can buy them separately. The baby heart ring below is also in the set. They are super simple and are ideal little rings to stack or use as midi rings. I have been wearing a lot of gold and rose gold recently so I'm really enjoying mixing them up and wearing a bit more silver than usual!

I would just like to point out how hard it is taking a picture with my left hand. My hands  shake enough as it is, so taking this was almost impossible!
The Love You Rings were some of the first I ordered! I've been wearing them at every opportunity, I think they are just so cute. The sizes of the three rings are easily adjustable just by squeezing them in, so you can fit them perfectly to your finger. 
I've mentioned this little Luxe Shoal Fish ring before and I'm still in love with it now as I was a month ago. I love wearing it whilst by the seaside because it's so appropriate! I have barely taken it off since getting it!

I've tried to capture the amazing-ness of the rainbow moonstone gem again here but photographs just can't do it the shimmery justice it deserves! I think the moonstone and baby heart rings are my probably favourite at the moment! 

I'm going to try and hold back from buying more rings just yet but I can't promise anything!
It would be so easy right now to go back online and buy some more jewellery from LVNDR,
it's such a hard decision choosing because it is all so pretty and unique!
I hope you liked the post and hope it inspires you to buy some so I don't feel so bad about how much I have bought! 
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See you soon, Imogen x

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