July 31, 2017

As bloggers, sometimes we buy items and have an immediate "I want ~ need ~ to blog about this!" thought. Even if you don't have a blog, I bet you have some pieces of clothing that you picked up and thought about how you couldn't wait to show your friends, right? Well, that's EXACTLY how we feel about these trousers. How can we not? I mean, they're not really patterns you want to hide.

As per usual, there's quite a bit of River Island going on in this post. We literally cannot help it, the London lifestyle doesn't seem to favour shopping where you don't get a very generous discount! Believe us we're trying!
So, lucky for us, RI keep on putting out some absolutely beautiful pieces!

Trousers - River Island
Top - Topshop (no longer available)
Denim Jacket - JUST Female
Rucksack - Coach
Earrings - River Island (Rose gold version here)
Necklace - Anna Saccone @ Stilnest
Shoes - Superga
Watch - Olivia Burton

So, the trousers - I am in LOVE!
I am a really sucker for patterned trousers when it comes to the cooler summer days, usually all Zara. But these River Island beauties, are the prettiest patterned trousers I've ever owned. This style of trouser, with the ruffles on the pockets and ankles, have been on my radar since the beginning of this year. And I am SO happy, that I waited it out and didn't go straight for the plain black. I think that this pattern is absolutely beautiful, the mix of polka dots and florals, is perfect!
And to make things even more exciting, this particular print of these cigarette trousers (there are 6 colours online), has a matching blazer! SO tempted!

I paired the trousers with this dusky pink top from Topshop, which I'm sure you've all probably seen before. It took me a good while to decide between this and a bright orange top, and not to toot my own trumpet, but they both looked fab! They both set off completely different feels to the outfit, but I just decided that this particular day called for a more muted kinda look. (We were planning on going to the Natural History Museum, but that plan was foiled by tourists and about a million kids on summer holidays.)
I also took my outfit down a more casual root, by wearing these supergas and my slouchy coach rucksack. But this look could have been totally transformed from day to bar, just by swapping out the supergas for a gorgeous pair of heels!

Top - ASOS
Trousers - River Island
Jacket - River Island (9 other colours here)
Shoes - KG (no longer available)
Earrings - Pilgrim
Bag - ASOS
Ring - Portobello Road

I absolutely love the print on these River Island trousers, it almost gives a bit of a pyjama vibe to them! This scarf print is in such a beautiful colour palette, so even though they are an intricate and elaborate print, they are not too out there or intense. Meaning, I can wear them anytime, any place, whether it's a day of shopping or a night at the bar. 
I always find it hard to find wide leg trousers that are actually really wide... but these are perfect! Theres just enough fabric in them to give a gorgeous flowing look and really surprising for a tall girl like me... they are actually long enough! AND they come in lots of other colours/patterns too! Yay! 

I really wanted to pair these trousers with this dark orange top here. It's such a gorgeous combination of colours, but something about it just looked a bit much for our intentions of a museum day! The colours are a divine combination, and I love that I have the ability to pair these trousers with a coloured top or a simple black top. You always need choices!
The trousers also have really big pockets, which as every girl knows, is one of the most exciting things to find when trying on a fancy pair of trousers or a dress. 

Are you a print trousers kind of person? If so, we want to see your favourites!
Leave a link in the comments or tag us on social media, because we would LOVE to see you in your statement trouser!

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