July 18, 2017

We don't know about you, but we are absolutely in love with tassel earrings. They are so cute, and look incredible for the summer! We are so obsessed that we decided to give making them a try. How hard can it be right? Well, it turns out it's incredibly easy, and barely takes any time at all. And the best part is you have complete freedom with the colour combinations, so why not match your favourite outfit?!

We've been making lots of different colour combinations. It's becoming quite hard to know when to stop. So grab yourselves some embroidery threads and earring hooks and let's show you how to make these pretty little earrings.

To get started you will need earrings hooks, embroidery thread, scissors, a needle and a comb. You will also need a piece of card cut with the width cut to the length you want your tassels to be. Our card is around 3.5cm wide.

First cut a piece of thread to 175cm and another one to around 25cm. The longer you cut the first piece of thread, the thicker and fuller your tassel will be. Separate the shorter one into seperate threads as this is what we will use to tie the tassel together.
Take your long piece of thread and neatly wrap this around the card until you run out of thread.

Carefully remove the thread from the card. Then, pass one of the separated threads through the hole and tie a tight knot at the top. Knot this several times to make sure it is secure and then cut off the excess thread.

Tie another of the shorter threads around the tassel, around 0.5cm from the top. This creates the head of the tassel. After knotting this a couple of times, use the rest of the thread to tightly wrap around the tassel and finish by knotting securely. Cut off the excess threads.

Cut through the loops, and using a fine comb brush the tassel to separate the threads. Once separated, trim the ends to make sure it is all the same length.

Once you have made your six tassels, you can begin to assemble your earrings.
Using a needle, thread your tassels onto a piece of thread the colour of your top tassel.  

Then, take an earring hook and thread this on too, and secure it tightly to the top of the tassel. Secure with several knots, and then cut off any excess threads.

Repeat with your other three tassels, to create your very own unique tassel earrings!

These earrings are such a fun (and on trend) summer accessory to add to your outfit! They're basically a party for your ear! The possibilities for colour combinations are endless and you can even add more tassels for a longer earring, or less if you want something a little more subtle.

We love the colours in these longer, four tassel earrings, they are so summery and fun! We definitely think we can push it to five tassels long, so maybe keep an eye out for those.

Once you've got the hang of making the tassels (trust us it gets easier and less fiddly the more you make!) you can try playing around with the lengths of the tassels and try making multicoloured ones! We also tried threading some onto some hoop earrings which also looks really pretty.

So, what are you waiting for?! Go and grab your needle and thread and get started!
Which colour combinations would you try? or are you in love with one of the above?
Please let us know if you have a go at these, we would love to see your creations.

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