June 05, 2017

We are LOVING floral embroidery right now, and have been for a while! Whether it's bags, shoes, or denim jackets, we just can't get enough. With Summer so close we can touch it, it's  the perfect time to cover your wardrobe in colourful, embroidered florals. We picked up these two stunning bags and wanted to spread the love.

This stunning, floral cross body bag is a Topshop masterpiece. It is certainly eye-catching with its beautiful pretty floral details, and incredible, colourful colour palette. We love love love the bright red, especially against the other pinky shades and alongside its shiny gold hardware. It even has gorgeous little pink studs amid the floral patterning which just helps in making it the most beautiful little bag everrrr. 
The size of this is perfect: it can definitely hold all the necessities, and then maybe a bit more. And we just know it's going to work for so many occasions, from a daytime wander to a fun night out!

We also just need to quickly point out how in love we are with this pink frill sleeve top (yep, we both have one!) and these super pretty floral mules/backless loafers ~ whatever you want to call them. It's like this bag and shoes were made for each other with their matchy floral embroidery. The bag really pulls the outfit together, and we love how the bright red looks against the pink.

Top, Jeans, Shoes - River Island
Bag - Topshop
Watch - Swatch

So, first things first with this bag... It may have kinda sold out. And by kinda, we mean it has. BUT, here is the link to this gorgeous bag so you can keep a check on it and we're sure it will be back in stock. 
That aside, how flippin' pretty is this bag?! We adore it so so much. This bag is the everyday backpack of dreams! The colourful, stitched flowers are in the most beautiful colours, that will go with so much, meaning you will probably want to use it ALL the time - we definitely do! The shape and size is super convenient for everyday use, and we love the fact that is has a drawstring close as well as a magnet fastening. Take it from us, drawstrings closes on backpacks are much easier than trying to close a bunch of other fastenings while balancing the bag on one leg and wobbling around on the other.

We especially love this bag with this pink crushed velvet skirt, as it really picks out the pretty pink shades of embroidery. Even if you are not much of a pink person, we think this bag would look incredible paired with blue jeans, to give your look a hit of femininity!
We're gutted for you that this bag is currently sold out, but the high street is full of floral embroidered wonders, so don't you worry!

Top - Topshop (avail in other colours)
Skirt - Marks and Spencer
Earrings - Topshop
Bag - Accessorize
Sandals - KG

Thanks so much for reading this post.
We hope you are feeling the embroidery bag love now too!
What are your go-to bags for this summer? Have you got an embroidered beauty too?

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Lots of love, Antonia and Imogen x

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