March 05, 2017

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Good evening everybody! 
We hope you have all had a lovely weekend, whatever you have been up to!
Can you believe that we are already five days into March? We feel like time is going by too quickly at the moment! Although, at the same time we can't wait for it to be summer. Especially after the weather this weekend; so much rain!!

We decided to head over to Richmond on Saturday for an afternoon of exploring somewhere new. The rain kind of hindered the exploring, and Richmond is definitely a place made for a gorgeous sunny day. Most places look better in the sun, but the riverside restaurants and green parks of Richmond would make such a beautiful setting for a sunshiney, blue sky kind of day!

Imogen is wearing...
Frill Sleeve JumperJeansBelt - River Island 
(I promise my next outfit won't just be from River Island)
Sunglasses - Le Specs
Watch - Olivia Burton
Shoes - Superga 
Necklace - Anna Saccone

(First of all, I would just like to say please ignore that annoying brown hair tie on my wrist! I'm so bad for constantly having a hair tie on my wrist, which is fab when you need one but soooo annoying when you see it in pictures!)
I'm all about wearing comfy jumpers at the moment, and this jumper is a perfect mix of  comfort and style. Frills have been a big thing for a while now, but I think they will be staying for a while longer. I love how big the sleeves are! They definitely make a statement of an outfit even if it's just a simple jumper and jeans combo!

Down by the river is so pretty, and we can just tell that it will be a beautiful and fun place to be in the summer when the sun is shining! The pretty little bridge over the river, helps make it a super cute and relaxing scene, and makes it hard to believe that just a short tube journey away is the busy mayhem of Central London!

Away from the river, Richmond has some beautiful, little side streets, which are lined with lovely looking restaurants, pubs and shops. We can't wait to get back there another weekend (minus the rain) and spend hours wandering, and eating in the amazing places!

Antonia is wearing...
Jacket, Shirt - River Island 
Boots - Next (Last Season)

I am loving this jacket right now! I love the light mustard colour, it's a bit brighter in real life, and I just think it looks really nice with a white shirt. I've been looking for a white shirt for a while now and I came across the perfect one in River Island. I wanted something with some interesting details and I love the frills on this one, especially the tiny frills on the cuffs!

Thank you ALL so much for reading this post!
We loved what we saw of Richmond but can't wait to go back and explore more!
Have you been to Richmond? Please let us know if you have, and give us some recommendations of places we need to check out!

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Lots of love, Antonia and Imogen x

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