October 26, 2016

Hello! We're back with the final post of our Halloween extravaganza! If you're having a Halloween party this weekend this may be the most important part... drinks! We've come up with three super spooky looking cocktail and they are all really easy to make!

We've made a spookishly green Apple Martini, a blood topped Aperol Spritz and a blood Sangria! They were all super delicious, we love the black top on the green one!

First up, our black ombre appletini.

1 measure Apple Sourz 
2 measures Gin
1/2 measure lemon juice
Black food colouring 

To make the appletini, just pour the Apple sourz, Gin and lemon juice into a martini glass. 
To make the black top just put a splash of water into a small glass and mix in a little black food colouring until you get a nice dark black. Carefully pour a little into the martini glass over the back of a spoon and you will have a gorgeous swirling ombre effect!

Next we have the blood sangria. Sangria is one of our go-to summer drinks and we are so happy we have managed to make it work for Halloween! It's so delicious filled up with fruit and lots of ice! Sangria is already a very Halloweeny, blood red colour so this is perfect for a Halloween party! The best thing is you can buy it ready made in bottles or cartons and it's not very expensive! But if you want to make it yourself, here's how...

2 bottles Red wine 
1 cup orange juice
1/4 cup sugar
1 cup Brandy
2 cups lemonade
orange slices

All you need to do to make the Sangria is combine all the ingredients in a large jug with ice, then add the fruit slices! We just used oranges this time, but you can use almost any fruit you want and don't be scared to add lots!
To decorate the glasses we had some left over red wine syrup from our Halloween cupcakes, so if you plan to make those as well just use your leftovers! If you aren't making the cupcakes you can get the syrup recipe here
Take a spoon and drip the syrup around the rim of the glass, its so easy! We then added a little red edible glitter just for a bit of sparkle, but that part is optional. Pour the sangria into your glasses and they are ready to drink!

The final cocktail we made is a spooky take on one of our favourite drinks at the moment, Aperol Spritz! Ever since we our trip to Rome, we have become a bit obsessed with this drink. The only change we made to make it super creepy is add a splash of red wine to make this blood ombre effect!

2 measures Aperol 
1 measure Soda water 
3 measures Prosecco  
Red wine

To make this just pour the measures of the ingredients into a glass with some ice. If you just wanted a normal Aperol Spritz you can just stop here but to get your drink topped with blood just grab some red wine, and pour a splash into the glass over the back of a small spoon close to the surface of the drink. Make sure to pour it carefully to make sure the wine doesn't just mix in with the rest of the drink!

Thank you so much for reading this post, we really hope you have enjoyed our Halloween series!
This is the last post of the series, but you can read part one and two here and here if you missed them. 
We hope we have given you some inspiration for Halloween treats! 
Please leave a comment if you decide to make anything from our three posts, and let us know how it goes!
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See you soon, 

Love, Antonia and Imogen x

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