October 22, 2016

We started day three off with a trip to the Vatican city. We took the metro, and got off at the wrong stop, but we now know the closest metro stop is Ottaviano. We headed straight to St Peters Basilica which is absolutely stunning. Make sure you cover your shoulders and knees if your heading to the Vatican city because you will get pulled up on it. We took a scarf in our bags to throw over our shoulders when inside St Peters and The Sistine Chapel.

Walking up to it, you are welcomed by a big, white, open space called St Peters Piazza which lies just before St Peters Basilica. The square is surrounded by rows and rows of columns with an Egyptian obelisk right in the centre. There are over 140 statues at the top of the columns of various saints.

St Peters Basilica looks big from the outside but it is even bigger on the inside. The whole place is just one big piece of art, it is divine. There is art, statues and gold through every archway. As you walk through, you have to make sure to look in every single direction, from the floors to the walls to the ceilings. Every way you look there is something amazing and beatiful to look at.

We took around an hour to walk around, listening to an audio guide and trying to work out what it was you were supposed to be looking at while trying not to lose everyone. It was a lot of sights and facts to try and take in but it was just so beautiful and you couldn't help your eyes from darting around the whole place. We could have spent longer if we had had the time, but we were booked in at the Vatican museums and had to cut our time short, ideally we would have liked to go up into the dome, but maybe that's something for next time! 

One of our favourite parts has to be the beautiful ceilings and domes,  just look how intricate the designs are, and so much gold!

This canopy like thing called the 'baldacchino' that stands over the altar is actually 96 foot tall just to give you a kind of scale to things.

Leaving St Peters Basilica we found this exciting looking guard and had to take a picture. We love his crazy outfit!

After seeing St Peters Basilica we continued our sight-seeing of the Vatican city in the Vatican Museums. The museum was ginormous and we didn't see it all so I can even imagine quite how big it actually is. We spent the whole time trying to get to the Sistine Chapel which was a lot of walking. There was no shortcut to get to it, just what felt like miles of walking surrounded by more amazing architecture and beautiful paintings and artefacts. We finally got to the Sistine Chapel and were ushered through whilst keeping our eyes on the ceiling the whole time to really take in the beauty and amazement of Michelangelos paintings and see the famous part with the two almost touching fingers, which wasn't as big or noticeable as you might think. 
You could probably spend a whole day in there if your leg muscles could take it but you ideally want to go at a quieter time if that actually exists. 

Before leaving the museum we took a quick look outside and across the gardens to catch another view of St Peters Basilica. It truly is amazing. If we ever find ourselves in Rome again going back in and going up to the dome is definitely at the top or our to do list!

After a full morning of sight-seeing, we took the tube back towards the centre of Rome and wandered more gorgeous Italian streets to get some lunch. We then went to up to a roof top bar just by the Pantheon and relaxed whilst taking in the views and sipping more Aperol Spritz. It turned out to be an incredibly expensive drink but it was a lovely way to spend our last afternoon. 
We then went back to our hotel and went out later for an evening meal. And that was the end of our first trip to Rome.

We had an amazing time and saw almost everything that is in the top things to see. Of course there is almost so much more to see, like in every city but I'm sure that won't be the last time we go to Rome.
I hope you enjoyed reading about our trip to Rome and thank you so much for taking the time to look at our posts.
Have you been to Rome, or planning a trip? We would love to know what you thought and see your pictures or any plans that you have!
See you soon, 

Love, Antonia and Imogen x

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