February 16, 2016

 I love a good bargain and I love a designer handbag, and to my delight I found both this week in this beautiful lime green Kate Spade bag!

I found it in TK Maxx, it was £150 and I think it should have been around £350, that's over half price! I find that TK Maxx can be a bit hit and miss, sometimes its full of rubbish but sometimes you find some absolute gems, so it's worth a look! They also had some other styles of Kate Spade bags and they had this style in a lovely bright coral and cream. I love Kate Spade, if you look on their website you'll see that they have some gorgeous bags. They have some amazing bright colours and really cute, quirky styles. So I was very excited to find one with such a good discount!

I think Lime Green is actually my favourite colour, it's just so bright, and I love it, so I knew I had to have this bag! I love the floral, laser cut look at the front of the bag, it adds a really pretty detail. 

The inside of the bag is quite big, despite being quite a small bag (compared to most of my handbags). It's really handy that it's split into two halves, with a zipped pocket in the middle.

There are plenty of smaller pockets inside, which are always helpful for little things like lipsticks and keys and of course phones! 
I know I will get a lot of use out of this bag as it's such a perfect colour for spring/summer and it goes with a surprising amount of outfits!
So, if you like this bag as much as I do, quickly get yourself to TK Maxx before they're all gone!
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Love, Antonia.

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