May 21, 2018

Statement earrings are big for 2018...Literally, huge! And you've probably noticed that they are a big thing in our wardrobes too! We're all about the bright and beautiful - and it's usually the bigger, the better in our case. It's pretty much a go big or go home situation in our current earring collection. But you do you! 
We've gone ahead and put together a list of our faves, but if you're looking for something a little less, then there is still plenty out there. You've just got to choose a pair that you love, and the earring confidence will come with it!

Of course, Zara are killing it with this trend, as they pretty much rule the high street earring scene all of the time! These wooden earrings are a perfect summer statement earring. The oversize wooden hoops with the green thread wrapped around gives the earrings a tribe kind of vibe and definitely packs a statement.

How gorgeous are these bright pink beaded earrings?! We love the neon pink and love channelling our inner Barbie even more, with all pink accessories! They are the perfect way to liven up an outfit.

These shiny rhinestone earrings are a lot smaller compared to some of the statement earrings on the high street, but they still make an impact. We love the geometric shapes too!

These geometric earrings are very similar to the ones above, and perfect for our occasional matching sister style days! We're absolutely obsessed with the red border and incredible turquoise colours in the stones and rhinestones, they are just gorgeous.

1. Bershka   2. Zara   3. Zara   4. Topshop   5. Mango   6. Mango
The earring scene is pretty crowded with tassel earrings at the moment and while we absolutely LOVE them all - how gorgeous are the Bershka layered green ones! - there are also some incredible beaded, metal and plastic ones out there too! The Zara flower earrings have incredible holiday vibes and we just love the Mango bead earrings if you want a big earrings with a little less going on.

1. Bershka   2. Bershka   3. Topshop  4. Bershka   5. Mango   6. Stradivarius
Can we just take a moment to appreciate how amazingly colourful this grid is?!
We are really loving the geometric shapes being used in a lot of the statement earrings. The threaded geometric earrings from Mango are just incredible and the colours are perfect for summer! And if it's a summer carnival vibe you're looking for then look no further than these earrings from Stradivarius. Beads, tassels, pom name it, these earrings have it! 

This really is just a fraction of the incredible earrings that are on the high street. You're best bet for a statement earrings is definitely Zara, but Bershka, Topshop and Mango have really upped their game - and we are obsessed! 
Let us know your faves, and always feel free to link us to anything you think we will love - we love a good recommendation!

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