February 06, 2018

Hello! We're back with another fashion post. 
Something we are both loving right now is a slogan tee and they are popping up everywhere on the high street. One of the biggest messages were noticing is love and more importantly - self love, which is perfect with Valentine's day just around the corner! 
We've picked out a few of our favourites, with a range of messages and vibes from self-love to a simple 'u ok hun?'. Tees are perfect for so many occasions and all times of the year so fill your wardrobe now and you can wear them right through to summer. They are so easily dressed up or down and can be paired with pretty much everything! So what are you waiting for - scroll down and get choosing...

Blazer - River Island 
T-shirt - River Island
Jeans - M&S
Shoes - Superga 
Bag - DKNY
This blazer is one of my absolute favourite things in my wardrobe right now, the colour is just dreamy! It's a gorgeous bright pink with an almost coral hint to it and if you're sick of winter its the perfect jacket to inject a little spring into your outfit. I am loving it dressed down with a slogan tee, jeans and these amazing black leather Superega's.
I love the gold, embossed slogan on this t-shirt, if you can't tell from the photos it says 'Your first love should be yourself', which I just love! 
There are a lot of amazing t-shirts on the high street at the moment, so keep reading if you want to see some our faves!

1. Miss Selfridge 'NY East Coast'   2. Topshop 'See you Later'  3. H&M 'Be Mine'   4. River Island 'Comme ci, Comme ca' 5. H&M 'Bisous'   6. River Island 'It's all good'          7. Topshop 'Aloe from the other side'   8. ASOS 'Empowered' 
 Topshop have got some super cute slogan tee's going on right now! We love the 'see you later alligator' black tee, how cute is the little alligator? There's a lot of black or white bases around so it's nice to see a bright pop of colour like the Miss Selfridge 'NY East Coast' tee,
. we love the orange and blue together. We've also noticed a trend going on with American states on t shirts, so your ticking a lot of trend boxes with this one!
Bisous means kisses in French, and doesn't that make the CUTEST tee ever! We just want them all!

1. Bershka 'The love of my life is myself'   2. Miss Selfridge 'Amour'   3. Topshop 'U OK Hun?'   4. River Island 'La vie est tres belle'   5. Bershka 'étre une femme'   6. H&M           'Jadore'   7. River Island 'More Amour'   8. French Connection 'Liberté Egalité Humanité' 
We are loving the message of self love on the Bershka tee, there's quite a lot of this on the high street at the moment and we definitely approve! The Miss Selfridge Amour tee is one of our favourites from this post, we love the bright colours, and we're sure you've realised by now - we love bright! The letters are flocked as well which is another nice detail. If you want something a little less in your face the H&M tee is perfect, you can't really tell on the tiny picture but it has 'Jadore' embroidered 3 times around the neckline which we think is so subtle and super cute. 

Thank you so much for reading this post! 
Let us know your favourite slogan t-shirts from this post in the comments and if we've missed your faves, please let us know - we're still on the lookout!
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Lots of love, 
Antonia and Imogen x

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