May 11, 2017

Hello everybody!
We hope you have had a lovely week so far; just one more sleep until it's weekend again!
We're writing this with a gin and tonic in hand because we are fully ready for it to be weekend!

First things first, we just want to say sorry for falling off the social media and blogging planet for a week or so. 
I (Imogen) caught some kind of sickness bug which turned into a flare up of my Crohns Disease, eventing in a painful week stuck in bed and a week off work. Oooh Fun!
But now everything is back to normal and we are back!

Our parents came to stay last weekend, so on Sunday we went for a little walk down by Tower Bridge. Our first port of call (more like dock of call ha ha!) was St. Katherine's Dock. We've stayed here in a hotel before and loved the area! It's so peaceful with calm waters and sailboats, you can hardly believe it's central London. There are plenty of places to drink and eat outside in the sunshine alongside the water, so that is exactly what we did.

After a quick cup of tea, we continued to walk down by the river past Tower Bridge. We headed for Coppa Club (pictured above) as we had seen that they had swapped out the igloos for this beautiful floral pergola. We had also heard that they happen to have some of the best but cheapest cocktails in London, and with that setting and views of Tower Bridge, nothing could be more perfect! It turns out EVERYBODY else thought the same thing, so it was pretty busy, and we just had to carry on walking. We've since tried to book in for weekend brunch and apparently the cabanas are booked out for a while. But who can blame them, they are so so pretty and right along the river! Maybe one day, hey!

We crossed the millennium bridge by the Tate Museum and had a quick but gorgeous pizza in Pizza Express by The Globe Theatre. You can never go far wrong with Pizza Express, especially the delightfully more-ish little dough balls! As we crossed the bridge and again as we ate our lunch, we could help but keep looking at St. Paul's Cathedral. As you can tell in the pictures, it really stands quite tall between the other buildings, making you feel a bit like you could almost be in Rome! Since we had never actually been to see the cathedral before, we crossed back over the bridge after pizza to finally see the famous building. 

Although it was pretty huge, from what we had seen in news coverage like the royal wedding, we expected it to be a lot bigger, or at least have a bigger entrance. It was still very impressive! We need to go back another day to take a look inside because judging by the outside, we're sure it will be incredibly regal and ornate. If this was another country we were visiting, there is no doubt that we would have visited this straight away, but there's something strange about doing touristy things in your own city. 

We hope you have enjoyed hearing about what we got up to on our little outing last weekend. We took the bus home from here, as we have decided that when we have the time, it's much nicer to take the scenic route and see new parts of London, rather than whizz right under all the things to see on a tube.

What parts of London do you think we need to see next?
And please drop us a comment with you're fave London spots for a weekend brunch or a rooftop cocktail, because that's basically what we want to fill our lives with!

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Lots of love, Antonia and Imogen x

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