April 21, 2017

Whenever we have time off together, we like to make sure we're making the most of it by exploring places we have never been. Last weekend we took the tube to Hampstead and had a small wander around the town. It was Easter Sunday, and so most of the shops were closed and I'm sure we didn't get to see the real Hampstead and so will surely be back!

One thing we knew we wanted to do while we were there was to visit the Pergola in Hampstead Heath. The Pergola, has a slight faded air of grandeur, but it did not disappoint expectations. It makes you wonder, how it looked and felt in the years it was first built. It's most definitely a hidden gem of London.

Set between elegant gardens, the Pergola is a grand walkway lined with columns.
Vines and exotic looking flowers are intertwined with the columns to create a beautiful, scene. We can only imagine that it becomes even more beautiful in the summer.

The way this grand house is gated off from the public gives it a slightly eerie feeling of desertion. You only get glimpses of the house through gates and vine entwined fences which makes it seem very mysterious and made us very curious! Nevertheless, it looks like a very pristine house with beautiful gardens that we wish we could explore, but the Edwardian style house is now home to private apartments and homes.

Imogen is wearing...
Top - Bershka (Not online but still in-store)
Jeans - River Island
Necklace - Anna Saccone
Watch - Olivia Burton

Around every corner was something new and pretty to look at. This majestic looking garden was filled with gorgeous, leafy colours that reflected in the water. There was something very calm and tranquil about just wandering here.

Antonia is wearing...
Top - M&S
Jeans - M&S
Watch - Olivia Burton

There's definitely a lot more of Hampstead Heath to explore, we will certainly be back before long! We had planned to walk over to Parliament Hill but the heavens were threatening to open so we left it for another day. From what we saw Hampstead is a stunning place to take a walk and we can't wait to return!

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