December 08, 2016

Alongside our usual scroll through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (the list could go on!) at every possible moment of the day, we love to catch up with our favourite blogs! 

There is a mixture of types of blogs here in this list, and these are by no means the only blogs we read, we just had to end the list somewhere! Our favourite blogs to follow are lifestyle, fashion, beauty and baking, a lot like the posts we like to write ourselves. Although you will have seen a lot of these blogs before, if there are any you haven't heard of before then we urge you to check them out!

Poppy Deyes
This is probably the blog that we read the most out of this list. It is the blog we actually find ourselves visiting way too many times, just to check if there is a new post. (Even though we do follow her on Bloglovin'!) Poppy puts up a range of posts of travel, food and lifestyle, and they all have the most beautiful and Instagram worthy imagery! 

Tanya Burr
 Even though we religiously watch Tanyas videos on YouTube, we still make sure to keep up-to-date with her blog posts too. It is full of gorgeous photographs of style, baking and everything you could wish for, and we absolutely love the layout!

Can we first just say how much we love that Zoe is completely in love with all things Christmas and how excited we are by the snow floating down the page, the string of Christmas lights across the top and the cute little Father Christmas that flies across the page! The posts are all super incredibly gorgeous and full of lovely and exciting styles, foods, beauty products and places. This is definitely a blog you could spend hours and hours reading cosied up with a cup of tea (even if you've read them before)!

The London Fashion Girl
 We're pretty new to this blog but after coming across her beautiful Instagram profile, we just had to check out her blog! This is the perfect place to find extremely gorgeous style in both affordable and luxury, and some very helpful tips in the skin care department along with some super pretty imagery.

 This is a blog we visit time and time again for amazing DIY ideas. Unlike quite a few DIY blogs, the DIYs on here are both beautiful and useful. You definitely need to check this blog out, but just so you know, you will probably be scrolling for hours!

Meringue Girls
This is more of a shop than a blog but they do have amazing recipes and divine food photographs galore! If you love dreamy and delicious cakes and meringues then you definitely need to follow them on Instagram and Facebook!

 If you haven't already, you need to follow Victoria on every form of social media going! She is one the most gorgeous (that hair!!), fun and down to earth people that we have ever seen! Her blog is the perfect place for any lover of travel, fashion, beauty or food. It is one of the most beautiful blogs we follow, and we follow a lot of beautiful ones! Make sure to head over to Inthefrow now to check out her 7 days of Christmas giveaways and enter to have a chance of winning amazing prices every Sunday and Wednesday before Christmas!

Lydia Elise Millen
 Covering a range of topics from fashion to health and fitness, Lydias blog is one of the most luxurious blogs we follow. With her gorgeous style, perfectly curled hair and beautiful imagery, we can't take our eyes of this blog. And even though we rarely afford any of the pieces in her wardrobe; a girl can dream hey?

Prosecco & Plaid
 This is a new blog to our collection of favourites, but oh wow, it's beautiful!
Prosecco & Plaid is a fashion, travel and lifestyle blog made of dreams. There are some unbelievably beautiful posts on here and we're definitely going to be making our way backwards through ALL of Jess' posts!

 Emtalks is a blog where Em talks about her love for beauty, fashion, travel and fitness. This is one of our favourite blogs to actually READ and not just scroll through the amazing pictures. Em is an inspiration to all upcoming bloggers and young girls and another blogger we love to follow on every social media. Em is also the founder of LVNDR, which we have mentioned quite a few times (e.g. here) for their gorgeous, unique jewellery. How she finished University while blogging and running LVNDR is beyond me, I struggled without a business on the side!

We Are Twinset
We Are Twinset is a fashion & lifestyle blog founded by Sarah Ellis & Philippa Bloom, who are two stylists with the most beautiful and classic style! This blog is the perfect place to find what to buy, where to buy it and how to wear it. We love it!

Thank you so much for reading this post!
As we said before, these are not the only blogs we read, but definitely some of our favourites!
What are your favourite blogs?
We would love to know in the comments!
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Love, Antonia and Imogen x

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