November 10, 2016

Music is one of our favourite ways to relax. Sometimes there's nothing better than sitting down with your headphones and just escaping into a different world! 
We wanted to write a quick post to share with you some of the music that we are loving at the moment! 
If you listen to the radio, you have probably heard of most of these a thousand times already, but if you haven't, then definitely give them a listen!

James Arthur - Back from the Edge
We have pretty much been playing this non-stop since it came out...This is definitely one of our favourite albums at the moment! We both loved 'Say you won't let go' the second we heard it on the radio, and to our delight the rest of the album is just as good! Our favourite songs are 'Back from the Edge' and 'Can I be Him'.

Shawn Mendes - Illuminate
This is another really good album that we have been loving, we loved his last album too so we obviously had to buy this! We bought this just before our Rome trip and listened to it a lot on the plane journeys, so listening to this brings back great memories. It's a really chilled album to listen to and I don't think there are any songs we don't love! Our favourites are 'Honest', 'Roses' and 'Patience' as well as the amazing singles 'Mercy' and 'Treat you better'; we can't get them out of our head! We think you should definitely give this a listen if you haven't already!

Michael Bublé - Nobody But Me
Michael Bublé is the classic Christmas album that we listen to every year, without fail. When you hear his voice it just sounds like Christmas! And even though it sounds like Christmas when he sings, they're not technically Christmas songs, so we can play them without being judged (even though we have been playing some Christmas songs too). We don't usually listen to his other albums but after hearing, and loving, 'Nobody but me' we thought we'd give it a go. We love the whole album, it alternates between the big band numbers and his super catchy pop songs. Our favourites are 'Nobody but me', 'I believe in You and 'Today is Yesterday's Tomorrow'. 

Hailee Steinfeld ft. Zedd - Starving
This is another one of our favourite songs at the moment. We think is super catchy and we can't stop singing it. We think it's a great song to pick up your mood and gets you in the mood for dancing. We're really hoping she brings out more songs like this!

We've been loving all the songs off DNCE's EP Swaay since this time last year when it came out, and we have been patiently waiting for a full album ever since then. Thankfully the wait is almost over, and their self-titled album is out on the 18th November! Yay! We've pre-ordered it and they are slowly releasing a few songs to keep us going! We are loving what we've heard so far, especially the two latest additions, 'Blown' and 'Good Day'! If there's anything you take from this list of great music, make it this one, go and listen to it now if you haven't already! Also, Joe Jonas *heart eyes*!
Sia - The Greatest
Sia is a hit-writing machine, and her music videos are always so amazing and meaningful! It's a very rare thing when one of her songs isn't incredibly catchy and popular. This one is no exception, we love it! (And, If you're a lover of Sia and Ellen Degeneres you definitely need to check out Ellens version of Sia for Halloween!)

Thank you so much for reading through our list of favourite music at the moment, 
we would love to know your current favourites, so please leave a comment!
Please let us know if there are any posts that you would like to see this christmas!
We have quite a few plans, but we want to post what you want to see!
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See you soon, 

Love, Antonia and Imogen x

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