August 24, 2016

It seems that W7 have a dupe for all the high end palettes you could possibly want. We thought it was about time we tried them out to see if they can stand up to their much more expensive counterparts. 
We love both of these palettes, the Naked Smoky palette has been a firm favourite for a while and we both adore the Mac Burgundy Times Nine palette. We wanted to see if its worth going with the cheaper option or saving up for the real thing. 

First of all, you cannot deny that the packaging is better on the high end palettes! It's both prettier and just generally better quality, for example the Naked palette comes with a nice big mirror which is always very handy while the W7 has no mirror at all! The W7 does come with a brush but it absolutely does not stand up to the quality on the Urban Decay one! The Mac palette has the magnetic fastening which essentially doesn't make a difference it just feels very satisfying and a little bit more luxurious!

Right - MAC Burgundy Times Nine £25

The colours in this palette are so beautiful they are right up our street with the warm shades ranging from pinks to burgundies and golds to browns. There is a range of mattes and shimmers. 

At a glance the colours look pretty much the same. The shimmers are slightly sparklier and the mattes slightly more pigmented in the Mac palette but on the whole they are very similar!

Once the colours are swatched you do start to see the difference. The most noticeable difference being that the matte colours aren't as pigmented. It's definitely harder to build up to a brighter colour and the formula is not as smooth with the W7 palette, but in the end they are an almost perfect dupe. We were pleasantly surprised by how similar the sparkly shades are though, they are slightly less shimmery and don't quite have the same gold sparkle but they are still very, very pretty!

Top - W7 Smokin' Palette £9.95 
Bottom - Naked Smoky Palette £38.50

We have already featured the Naked Smoky palette on the blog in one of our first posts and we are still loving it months later! The colours make it so easy to create a pretty, shimmery eye or a gorgeous, dark, smoky look and they have such a good colour pay-off!

Again, with this palette the first impression is that the mattes are not as pigmented but the colours are still incredibly similar! You can see clearly with this one that the shimmery shades have no where near as chunky glitter in.

This W7 palette has the same flaws as the Mac dupe in that the matte shades are noticeably less pigmented and it's much harder to build a dark, solid colour. Surprisingly, the shimmers stand up to the high end version much better than the mattes! We took these photos in the sun so you can see just how sparkly they are! For the price of the W7 palette you could just buy it for the shimmers! They are so sparkly and the kind of shades you can use everyday.

On the whole, you do know you're getting a better quality with the high end palettes, so if you have the patience to save, then get the real thing. But if you're on a budget the W7 palettes are still really good, flaws and all! We were pretty impressed, especially considering how big the price difference is!

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We have seen so many dupes recently with a vast majority coming straight from W7.
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